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Homemade Spring Roll

Thursday, March 11, 2010




This is the first time that i have made spring roll from scratch, i had always bought frozen ready- made spring roll in the past. However, i had recently discovered that they were darn expensive, and feeling being cheated of money when i could have made them myself with only a fraction of the money spent, i decided to do it myself.

To be honest, i was wondering if  i was doing the right thing all the time while rolling the spring roll. I was so afraid that they won’t stay rolled or don’t taste good. If they turn out to be inedible, won’t i  be wasting all my time and effort? Hmm, no matter, here i am, already rolling them, what good would it do to worry now?

Well, after all the hassle, the spring rolls were done. Some of them split open while i was deep-frying them, probably because the oil is too hot. Nevertheless, the rest is quite pretty with the skin translucent, showing the ingredients inside. Little sis took a bite and pronounced them yummy.

Hahaha, i am happy and glad to say good-bye to frozen spring roll!



Homemade Spring Roll

( makes 15 )



50 g                 radish, shredded

50 g                 carrot, shredded

3                        medium size fresh shiitake mushroom, shredded

2                        sausage, halved and shredded

some                salt

some                ground black pepper

15                      spring roll wrapper

1                        egg white



1.      Heat 1 tbsp cooking oil in pan,  add in all ingredients and stir-fry until soft.

          ( about 3 minutes ) Leave to cool.

2.      Divide stir-fried mixture into 15 portions and spoon each onto one end of spring roll

          wrapper. Roll up, fold two ends ( right and left ends ) towards each other, dab with

          egg white and press to seal. Continue to roll, dab top ends with egg white and roll to seal.

3.      Place finished spring roll onto clean plate with ends facing down. Continue to wrap the

           rest until finished.

4.      Heat adequate cooking oil for deep-frying. Once hot, gently drop spring roll into hot

          oil to fry until golden brown. Make sure to turn over for even browning.

5.      Remove onto absorbent paper towel. Transfer to serving plate and serve.




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