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Chicken Porridge

Wednesday, January 27, 2010




Hehe, i had finally succumb to my sister suggestion on joining Facebook and logging in to play the games. I’m hooked! For these past few days, i’m been playing and playing. Ah…. I finally understand what’s the great excitement is about.

Well, have no fear, my heart still lies here and i will maintain my presence here. Haha.

Back to the dish of the day, it’s porridge ( again ). Actually it’s been a while since i last cook up new porridge dishes, and this time, i decided to try the chicken flavour. It’s a delight, i must say….





Chicken Porridge

( serves 2)



250 g                      cooked rice

1000 ml                water

100 g                       boneless chicken breast

2 tsp                        concentrated chicken stock

2 tsp                         light soy sauce

1 tsp                         sesame oil

1 tsp                         ground white pepper

1 tbsp                      hua tiao wine

1 tsp                        finely chopped ginger

1                               egg, beaten



1.    Place cooked rice and 500 ml of water in large pan to cook.

2.    Once boiled, add chicken stock, light soy sauce,  sesame oil, ginger, white pepper and

        hua tiao wine. Cook half- covered on low heat for 20 minutes.

3.    Add in 300 ml of water and bring to boil again on medium high heat. Add beaten egg in

        a thin stream, stirring all the while to prevent egg lumps. 

4.    Continue cooking on low heat with lid half-covered for another 15 minutes.

5.    Off heat. Check porridge consistency, add more water if desire.

6.    In another small pan, bring 200 ml of water to boil. Add in pinch of salt and chicken

        breast to cook on hight heat for 5 minutes.

7.    Off heat and let chicken stand in water for 5 minutes. Drain and slice chicken or shred

        chicken with hands.

8.    Ladle porridge into bowl, arrange chicken on top and garnish with fried sliver fish. Serve.


   When cooking porridge, stir frequently to prevent porridge settling on bottom and burning.




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