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Pork Tonkatsu

Wednesday, January 20, 2010




I recently bought a cookbook featuring japanese cuisine. It’s just a small cookbook with some twenty odd recipes of japanese everyday simple meals. I took a liking to it immediately as the recipes really look easy, plus the photos printed on it looks so appetizing. Yum!

Well, you know what will happen next. I bought the book and came home to cook. Hehe!




Pork Tonkatsu



200 g                          pork chop

2 tbsp                          light soy sauce

2 tbsp                          mirin

50 g                              plain flour

1                                    egg, lightly beaten

some                            bread crumbs



1.    Put pork chop in zip-lock plastic bag and pound slightly with rolling pin.

2.    In a bowl, mix light soy sauce with mirin. Add in flatten pork chop and mix and let soak

        15 minutes.

3.    Prepare one plate with 50 g plain flour, one bowl of lightly beaten egg and one tray filled

        with adequate amount of breadcrumbs. Take one pork chop from the soy sauce mixture and

        coat with plain flour, then dip it into the bowlof beaten egg. Next, transfer to breadcrumbs

        tray and coat with breadcrumbs. Press with finger to ensure thick coating. After coating,

        place on clean plate. Continue with rest of pork chop.

4.    Heat enough cooking to deep-fry in pan. Gently place prepared pork chop into hot oil to fry.

        Deep-fry until golden brown, turning over during mid-fry.

5.    Remove to absorbent paper towel. Transfer onto serving plate and serve hot.

        Serve with tonkatsu sauce on the side or drizzle tonkatsu sauce on top.




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