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Tofu Fish Soup

Sunday, December 20, 2009




Yay, soup time again! I like to do soup dishes as they are a breeze to cook ( well, most of the time ). This time it’s a tofu and fish combination which requires little effort to make. As the tofu is actually pre-cooked and the fish easily cooked, this soup is done under 10 minutes. Hehe, speedy cooking, i’ll say.




Tofu Fish Soup



800 ml                         water

150 g                             fish fillet, sliced

1 box                             tofu, cut into 10 pcs

6                                      small fresh shiitake mushroom, craft cross on surface

80 g                               chinese cabbage, shredded

5 slice                            ginger

1 tbsp                             hua tiao wine

salt to taste



1.    Put water in pot and bring to boil. Add in ginger slices, cubed tofu and shiitake mushroom

        and cook 5 minutes.

3.    Add in fish fillet and Chinese cabbage, stir gently to prevent fish sticking. Cook 1 minute.

4.    Add in hua tiao wine and salt to taste. Off heat immediately.

5.    Ladle into bowl , garnish with chopped spring onion and serve.



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