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Shredded Pork with Mushroom & Spring Onion

Monday, October 26, 2009





Stir-fried shredded pork is one dish that i always cook whenever i’m feeling lazy, besides sausages with bakes beans, that is. Hmm…, i don’t think sausages with baked beans can be considered cooked (by me) as it’s actually combining the two together and heating them. Anyone who can handle a knife and a can-opener can do it, surely. So, if this dish appear on the dinner table, it only means that i’m feeling down or feeling desperate (the fridge is empty!). Hahaha!

Back to shredded pork, it’s a well-liked dish in the family and it regularly have it place on the dinning table. A very versatile dish that can be paired with many other ingredients to achieve different flavour. I like to cook it wet so as to have some sauce to spoon onto the rice. Yum yum.




Shredded Pork with Mushroom & Spring Onion



 150 g                     lean pork, shredded

 5 stalks                 spring onion

 5                              medium fresh shiitake mushroom

 2 tsp                       light soy sauce

 1 tsp                       sesame oil

 1 tsp                       tapioca flour

 1 tbsp                    cooking oil

 1 tsp                       garlic, chopped finely

 ½ tsp                     ground black pepper

 100 ml                  water

 1 tbsp                     hua tiao wine



1.     Clean lean meat and cut into shreds. Marinate with light soy sauce, sesame oil and

         tapioca flour. Let rest for ½ hr.

2.    Cut spring onion into 2 “ length and sliced mushroom into thin slices. Set aside.

3.    Heat oil in wok, add garlic and sauté till fragrant. Add in mushroom and sauté ½  minute.

4.    Add in marinated meat and black pepper and cook 2 minutes or until change colour.

5.    Add in spring onion and stir briefly. Add in water to mix.

6.    Add in hua tiao wine, stir to blend.

7.    Off heat. Dish up and serve.



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