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Muah Chee

Thursday, October 22, 2009



Muah Chee is one of my favourite snack, and so of course it is really a definite must that i know how to prepare it. It’s used to be considered as a popular local traditional snack in Singapore, but nowadays it seems that one can only buy it from the food stalls at the Pasam Malam (mobile night market). I wonder if it is going in decline in popularity, maybe youngster these days prefer more exotic delicacies.

Well, to satisfy my cravings whenever it hits, i had to arm myself with the necessary knowledge in order to achieve inner peace. Ha! It’s no exaggeration, i will go nuts thinking about it until i have eaten whatever my cravings had  grown an attachment to.

I must give my utmost respect to the people who invented microwave, without them modern living will be a great difficulty. Why them? Well, this Muah Chee recipe of mine is prepared using microwave. It uses only a fraction of the time required compared to the traditional method and the results is just as good. I only spent 12 minutes to cook the Muah Chee from scratch to end and viola, yummy Muah Chee for my stomach.




Muah Chee

( serves 2 – 3 )



100 g                      glutinous rice flour

150 ml                   water

10 g                         sugar

1 tbsp                     corn oil

100 g                     sweetened peanuts powder

1 tbsp                     coarse ground peanuts



1.    Mix sweetened peanuts powder with coarse ground peanuts. Set aside.

2.    Mix all together in microwave safe dish to make batter.

3.    Microwave on HIGH for 4 minutes.

4.    Stir with big metal spoon in one direction until it comes together to form dough-like shape.

5.    In stages, put small pieces of dough into a bowl of mixed ground peanuts powder and toss

        to coat. Transfer to plate and serve.


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  1. Thursday, October 22, 2009 5:09 pm

    this sounds delicious! Great blog, I hope you like mine too.


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