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Bean Curd Puffs with Pork Filling

Tuesday, September 22, 2009




Actually, this dish is supposedly from a tofu cookbook that i had for years. Well, sort of.

I had initially planned to follow the cooking instructions to a ‘ T ‘, and to produce the pretty cute yummies as shown in the cookbook. But as usual, things got sidetracked along the way, as it often did, and the end result differ  a lot from the original intention.

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 The dish turn out to be a mix of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. You could say that this is a fusion cuisine. The moment came when it’s time to try them. Nervously, i cut out one small piece and pop it into my mouth, wondering all the time if they are going into the rubbish bin.

Phew! They are surprisingly tasty, after my first nervous bite, i couldn’t wait to chomp down the rest of it. Smiling and munching at the same time, i generously offered one to Little Brother and he said that i looked like a refugee who been starved for years.

 Haha! The sacrifice i’ve made.





 Bean Curd Puffs with Pork Filling

 ( makes 10 )



1 stalk                spring onion, chopped finely

2 slices              ginger, chopped finely

200 g                 minced pork

1 tbsp                 peas

100 g                 deep-fried bean curd puffs


1 tsp                   chinese rice wine

1 tsp                   salt

1 tsp                   corn flour

1                          egg


tonkatsu sauce

Japanese mayonnaise

bonito flakes



1.    Combine chopped spring onion, ginger and minced pork. Mix with seasoning and

        let rest 15 minutes.

2.    Slit bean curd puffs to make pockets, cutting along 3 sides on the top to form lid.

3.    Stuff pork filling into pockets and close lids.

4.    Heat 3 tbsp of oil in saucepan. Put in bean curd puffs with opening down. fry over

        low heat until golden brown, flipping once.

5.   Remove from oil and place on serving plate. On each beach curd puffs, spread 1 tsp

       of tonkatsu sauce, follow by pipping Japanese mayonnaise in criss0cross patterns,

       then top with bonito flakes. Serve.



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