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3 Cups Chicken

Thursday, September 17, 2009



Mmm… I wonder why it’s called 3 Cups Chicken when even though wine is used for cooking this dish,but it doesn’t amount to 3 cups. I guess the original chef is drunk?

Actually, after going through quite a few of the available recipes posted on the internet, i find that there are several variations for cooking it, with some slight changes here and there. However, all of them still doesn’t require 3 cups of wine to cook it. It’s a mystery.

In the end, i decided to created my own version with ingredients i have on hand. I wasn’t going to go grocery shopping for just one dish in the middle of the week.

Yum… Little Brother said that he likes it and even scoop what little is left of the sauce into his rice. The using of boneless chicken leg meat instead of chopped chicken wings is also a hit with sis as she hates chopped chicken with bones, which may disintegrate into small pieces while cooking. She had the experience of almost swallowing the chicken bones years ago, and it scared her.

All in all, the experiment is a success and i will  be cooking it again.


3 Cups Chicken



200 g                               boneless chicken leg

6 cloves                          garlic

5 slice                              ginger

1                                         red chili, chopped

1/4                                    onion, cut into half

2 tbsp                               sesame oil


1 tbsp                                light soy sauce

1 tsp                                   dark soy sauce

1 tbsp                                onion oil


1 tbsp                                 sesame oil

70ml                                  rice wine

1/2 tbsp                            sweet dark sauce

50 ml                                 water



1.    Clean chicken leg and chopped into bite size. Marinate and set aside for 1 hr.

2.    Heat wok, add in 2 tbsp of sesame oil to heat slightly. Add in garlic, ginger and

        onion to saute.

3.    Add in chicken and chili and stir-fry 5 minutes, or until chicken change colour.

4.    Add in seasoning and braise 5 minutes, to thicken sauce slightly.

5.    Off heat, garnish and serve.

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