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Egg Noodle in Sweet Sauce

Monday, September 14, 2009




Cooked egg noodle last weekend again for lunch, but this time i tried another recipe that is slightly different. I used sweet dark sauce instead of oyster sauce and they tasted just as nice.

 Mmm.. Sweet!

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Egg Noodle in Sweet Sauce

( serves 6 – 8 )



2 pkt                      egg noodle

2000 ml              water

3                             chicken sausage, cut into strips

1 pcs                     fishcake, cut into strips

100 g                    beansprouts, washed

4 tbsp                   dark sweet sauce

2 tbsp                   fish sauce

300 ml                 hot water

2 tbsp                   cooking oil



crabstick meat and spring onion 



1.    Boil 2000 ml of water and add egg noodles. Cook until noodles is soft.

2.    Drain noodles and set aside.

3.    Mix sweet dark sauce sauce,  fish sauce and hot water together well. Set aside.

4.    Heat oil in wok, stir- fry chicken sausage, fishcake and beansprout for 1 minute.

6.    Add sweet sauce mixture and egg noodles, stir- fry carefully.

7.    Fry the noodles until the liquid has dry up, mixing the noodles well with other

        ingredients and coated evenly with sweet sauce mixture.

8.    Off the heat, garnish and serve.

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