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Breaded Chicken Patties

Friday, September 4, 2009




Yum yum, it’s deep-fried goodies time again, and it’s Breaded Chicken Patties this time. Although the cleaning after deep-frying is troublesome, i still can’t resist doing it. Mainly because deep-fried food is so delicious, and my family simply loves it.

I found that Asian cuisine involved a lot of deep-frying, no matter what type of meal it is for. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper time, even snacks and desserts are sometimes deep-fried too!

……  I can only say that we Asian are obsess with deep-fried cuisine. Hmm… Maybe we should pay more attention to our health?




 Breaded Chicken Patties



200 g                            minced chicken

¼ of                              medium size onion, chopped finely

2                                     Chinese dried mushroom, soaked and chopped finely

½ tsp                            salt

½ tsp                            black pepper

1 tsp                              sesame oil

1 tsp                              corn flour

1                                     egg, light beaten

some                             breadcrumbs



1.    Mix all ingredients, except egg and breadcrumbs together. Cover and chill in

        fridge for ½ hr.

2.    Using hand, scoop up small amount of meat mixture and form into fat discs.

3.    Coat first with beaten egg, then coat with breadcrumbs. Pressing firmly with hands.

4.    Drop in hot oil to deep-fry until golden, turning once during frying.

5.    Remove from oil and place onto oil absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

6.    Place on serving plate and serve hot with Japanese Tonkatsu sauce.

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