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Flat Rice Noodle Soup

Sunday, August 23, 2009



I have three sister who have totally different personality. The most obvious way to see is the food preference they have. One of them like stir- fry dishes like fried rice and stir-fried noodle, while the other one loves soupy dishes like hot porridge and noodle soup. And the third one? Well, she eat anything that doesn’t require her to cook it!

Ha-ha! Aren’t i blessed to have three very interesting sister. I think the only common thing they have is that they all like Japanese cuisine, including me, of course.

Well, this weekend is baby sister turn to have one of her favourite food, and she ordered Flat Rice Noodle. And Second sister will just have to bear with it until neat weekend to have turn to make her choice.

She’ll have my sympathy.( until next week! )

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Flat Rice Noodle Soup

( serves 4)



500 g                        flat rice noodle

2000 ml                  water

1 tbsp                        concentrated chicken stock

some                          fish ball

some                          pork meat ball

some                          choy sum

some                          fried wanton*


fried shallot

chopped coriander



1.    Blanch rice noodle with warm water to remove excess oil. Drain water and set aside.

2.    Bring water to boil. Add in chicken stock, stir ti mix.

3.    Add in fish ball, meat ball, fried wanton and cook 2 minutes.

4.    Add in choy sum ans flat rice noodle and cook ½ minute on high heat.

5.    Off heat. Dish up, garnish and serve.

♥  *Recipe for Fried Wanton.

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