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Japanese Rice Pizza

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



The Italians has pizza that is dough based, but the Japanese has pizza that is rice based. Countries in Asia has a passion for rice and the Japanese is famous for their sushi, which the main ingredient is rice. Now they even have rice burger and rice pizza, combining western and eastern cuisine to produce fabulous food.

I saw a photograph of a rice pizza from a magazine  and the idea keep going round in my head:  i want to try it! And ta-ta, here it is.

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Japanese Rice Pizza

( 1 serving )



 1 bowl              cooked rice

 1 slice               ham, sliced

 1                         fresh shiitake mushroom, sliced

 some                left-over chicken cutlet, diced

 some                Tonkatsu sauce

some                 Japanese Mayonnaise

some                 bonito flakes



 1.        Place rice into a  5” pan lined with cling wrap. Press firmly on rice to form rice base.

 2.        Spread some Tonkatsu sauce on rice. Arrange sliced ham, shiitake mushroom

             and chicken on top of rice.

 3.        Put into small toaster and grill 8 minutes.Remove and top with more Tonkatsu

             sauce and mayonnaise in criss-cross pattern.

 4.        Sprinkle with bonito flakes and serve.


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