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Japanese Chicken Cutlet

Saturday, August 8, 2009





Sis likes Japanese Chicken Cutlet so much that she almost order this dish whenever we went to a Japanese restaurant. And i thought that wouldn’t it be better if i make this at home? This way, she can get to eat chicken cutlet more often and at a more cheaper price too!

Haha! Aren’t she lucky to have such a good sister?

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Japanese Chicken Cutlet



 300 g                 boneless chicken leg

 some                  salt

 1                           egg, lightly beaten

 some                  breadcrumbs


 Japanese mayonnaise

 Tonkatsu sauce

 Bonito flakes



 1.        Clean chicken and pat dry. Marinate chicken with salt and let rest 5 minutes.

 2.        Dip chicken into beaten egg, transfer to plate filled with breadcrumbs to coat.

 3.        Press breadcrumbs into chicken meat to coat thickly.

 4.        Heat cooking oil and deep-fry chicken until golden. Remove from oil and place

             on oil absorbent paper towel.

 5.        Cut chicken into think slices and arrange on serving plate. Top with Tonkatsu sauce,

             then Japanese mayonnaise ( in criss-cross pattern ).

 6.        Sprinkle with bonito flakes and serve.


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