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Egg Mayo Sandwich

Monday, August 3, 2009





Cutie, cutie sandwich! Saw the making of it from a Taiwanese website and they tempted me to try it too!

These are actually normal egg mayo sandwich, but shaped like little dome. Cup or glass is used to compress and shape the bread into the dome shape. I sprinkle some black sesame seeds on top because otherwise, they will look too plain.
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Egg Mayo Sandwich

( makes 3 )



2                                hard boiled eggs

2 tbsp                      mayonnaise

2 tbsp                     chopped cucumber

dash of                    salt

dash of                    black pepper

6 slices                   white bread



1.    Mashed the eggs until crumbly and mix together all ingredients.

2.    Spoon the egg mixture onto white bread, forming a circle on the bread.

        Circle should be the size of the cup rim.

3.    Lay another bread over it and press a coffee cup (up-side down) over it to press

        out the shape. 

4.    Follow the method and make the rest of sandwich.


♥      I used a small knife to cut out the shape around the cup because it is much easier 

         than using brute force as the mug rim is too blunt to seperate the bread.

         The bread from leftover can be freezed and blitz into breadcrumbs.


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