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Meat Ball with Egg Gravy

Friday, July 31, 2009





Another dish that is both healthy and delicious. Not a drop of oil is being used to prepare this yummy dish. It is just normal homemade pork meat ball cooked in water.

The meat ball is soft and tender with the gravy flavourful and smooth. One of the best dish to have with a bowl of white rice.

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Meat Ball with Egg Gravy



For meat balls:

150 g                             minced pork

2 tsp                               sugar

½ tsp                             salt

½ tsp                             white pepper

1 tsp                                sesame oil

1½ tsp                           corn flour

1 tbsp                             chopped spring onion

 For gravy:

200 ml                          water

1 tbsp                            concentrated chicken stock

2 tbsp                            dark soy sauce

2 tbsp                            chinese rice wine

1                                       egg, lightly beaten

some                              cornstarch + water ( to thicken )



1.    Mix all ingredients together and form meat balls of 1″ diameter.

        Set aside and rest for 15 minutes.

2.    Put water in pan and bring to boil. Add in chicken stock and dark soy sauce.

3.    Drop meat balls into soup and cook 4 minutes on medium high heat.

4.    Add in some cornstarch mixture to thicken soup to desired consistency.

        Stirring all the while.

5.    Add in beaten egg in a thin stream while stirring the soup.

6.    Splash in rice wine, dish up, garnish with corriander and serve.


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