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Tom Yam Seafood Vermicelli Soup

Wednesday, July 22, 2009





Truth to say, i’m not really a good cook, just someone who know a little bit of cooking  and likes to try new recipes. Furthermore, in many times, if possible, i like to simplify the cooking  just because i’m quite impatient and lazy. Why go through all the hassle when everything can be bought pre-made in supermarkets?

So, this Tom Yam soup is also another creation of my laziness, i just mix water with store-bought Tom Yam paste to make the soup base. Then add other ingredients that i want and voila, the dish is cooked. Hehe….

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Tom Yam Seafood Vermicelli Soup

( serves 3 )



1 pkt                           thick vermicelli ( Laksa Bee Hoon )

100g                          tom yam paste

12oo ml                    water

150 g                          prawn, deveined

100 g                         squid, sliced

100 g                         fish fillet, sliced

some                          green vegetables, cut



1.    Blanch vermicelli with hot water to soften and remove excess oil. Drain off water.

        Divide into 3 portion and dish into 3 bowls. Set aside.

2.    Mix water with tom yam paste in pan and bring to boil.

3.    Add in prawn, squid and fish fillet to cook 1 minutes. Add green vegetables, cook ½    


4.    Off heat. Lader ingredients and soup into prepared bowls, serve hot.


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