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Cold Egg Noodle with Fish Sauce

Tuesday, July 21, 2009





The Japanese eats cold soba frequently during the summer. The hot humid weather doesn’t really encourage good appetite. Well, i totally understand their predicament, because it is super hot in Singapore these few days too.

Hmm, so i prepared my own version of cold noodle too. It is just a try and taste recipe and i’m surprised with the flavour. It’s delicious! I used egg noodle, and the chewy texture goes very well the mild salty flavour of the sauce that i’d made. Yum!

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Cold Egg Noodle with Fish Sauce

( serves 2 )



500 g                     cooked egg noodle, cooled

3 strips                  bacon, sliced and cut into 2 ” length

100 g                      beansprout

some                       shredded seaweed

some                      chopped parsley


For sauce:

2 tbsp                     hot water

1 tbsp                     sugar

1-2 tbsp                 fish sauce

1                               red chilli, sliced thinly ( with seed )

→   Mix sugar with hot water to melt. Add in fish sauce and red chilli. Rest 10 minutes.



1.    Prepare egg noodle by boiling in water and washing with cold water.

        Drain and divide into 2 serving plate.

2.    Blanch beansprout in boiling water for 1 minute and drain water away. Set aside.

3.    Pan-fry bacon until crispy, remove from heat and set aside.

4.    Arrange beansprout, bacon, seaweed and parsley layer by layer on top of egg noodle.

5.    Pour in some sugar/fish sauce mixture over it. Serve.


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