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Watermelon in Sago Milk

Friday, July 17, 2009




Suddenly had the urge to eat something cold for dessert and so made watermelon with sago. Almost no cooking is needed except for the sago.

The preparing of the sago almost put me off because it is quite troublesome, i have to stand by the stove for half an hour and stir the sago non-stop to prevent them from sticking together. Phew!

Luckily, i cooked a lot for more use so that l feel that the time spent is worthwhile.

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Watermelon in Sago Milk

 ( 1 serving )



8og                              sago pearls*

100 ml                       coconut milk

50 ml                          fresh milk

1 tbsp                          sugar syrup**

some                           watermelon, cubed



1.     Cook sago with water in a big pan until translucent in colour.

         Wash cooked sago with cold water, drain and set aside.

2.     Mix coconut milk and fresh milk together.

3.     Spoon some cooked sago and watermelon into a bowl. Pour in the milk mixture

          to the amount of your liking.


♥     * I cook more sago for more serving. 80 g of uncooked sago can serve up to 10 serving.

        ** To make sugar syrup, just dissolve sugar in hot water in 1 : 1 ratio.


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