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Steamed Meat in Squid

Thursday, July 16, 2009




Sis bought some squid home last weekend, and i cooked this dish for dinner that evening. This recipe is taught to me by another aunt who is very health conscious. She is a master in steamed dishes.

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Steamed Meat in Squid



3                          medium size squid

100 g                  minced pork

1                            egg

¾ tsp                  sugar

¼ tsp                  salt

¼ tsp                  white pepper

½ tsp                  minced ginger

some                   green peas

2 tsp                    sesame oil

1 tbsp                 hua tiao jiu ( chinese cooking wine )



1.    Clean and remove internal parts of squid. Remove skin of squid and cut in 1″ thickness.

        Keep the tactecels and other part of squid for other time cooking.

2.    Marinate minced pork with egg, sugar, salt, white pepper and minced ginger.

         The texture should be a bit runny.

3.    Spoon meat mixture into prepared squid, garnish with green peas and place onto

         steaming pan greased with sesame oil. This is for easy removing for later.

4.    Cover with cling wrap and keep in fridge for ½ hr.

5.    Have steamer ready at medium high heat and steam for 8 minutes.

6.    Remove from pan and place onto plate and splash with cooking wine, serve.


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