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Mini Rock Cakes

Wednesday, July 15, 2009






 These are called rock cakes simply because they resemble little rocks. I made them super mini so that they can be consumed in just one bite.

The texture of rock cakes are actually between a cookie and a cake. They are quite soft but at the same time, they are also  a little bit crisp like a cookie.

Ha! I hope my discription is clear enough. Mmm, it’s time for a tea break. Rock cakes, here i come!

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Mini Rock Cakes

 ( makes 36 mini cakes )



180 g                self-raising flour

40 g                   milk powder

150 g                 butter

70 g                   sugar

70 g                   raisins

1                          egg

1 tbsp                milk

t tsp                   vanilla essence



1.     Mix flour with salt, & rub in butter.

2.     Stir in sugar and raisins.

3.     Add in egg, mix milk with vanilla essence and add in to form soft dough.

4.    Scoop with spoon into mini cake pan.

5.     Bake at 180ºC for 12 mins. 


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