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Char Siew Fried Rice

Thursday, July 9, 2009





Yum yum, Char Siew in fried rice. I remember eating this when i was still a little girl. There was this coffee shop in my old neighbourhood that sells stir-fried food that is marvelously delicious. Their stir-fried noodles, kway tiao and rice are simply one of a kind.

However, since we moved away many years ago, plus the chef had since retired, we never have the chance to eat it again. So, i regularly put char siew in my fried rice, even though i will never cook the same flavour as them, but something is better than nothing. Right? 

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Char Siew Fried Rice

( serves 4 )



 600 g              cooked rice, left overnight

 150 g               char siew (roasted pork), diced

 50 g                 Chinese sausage, sliced thinly

 100 g               luncheon meat, diced

 2                        eggs, beaten

 2 tbsp              spring onion, chopped

 1 ½ tsp            salt

 some                white pepper

 3 tbsp              cooking oil



 1.        Heat 2 tbsp of oil in wok, add Chinese sausage and luncheon meat and sauté

             on low heat for 2 minutes. Careful not to burn the sausage. Remove and set aside.

 2.        Heat 1 tbsp of oil in wok, add beaten eggs and stir-fry a bit. (not fully done)

            Add rice and stir to mix. Press on rice to remove lumps. Fry until rice is loosely

            mix with eggs.

 3.        Add in char siew, luncheon meat and Chinese sausage to mix.

 4.        Add in spring onion, salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly.

 5.        Dish up and serve.

 ♥  Note : When adding salt, sprinkle around for easy mixing.

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