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Orange Kanten Jelly

Sunday, June 28, 2009




I saw this jelly recipe somewhere (i forgot where), and is curious about the taste. Since we have a lot of orange in the fridge, i decided to try making it. Hmm, they taste nice with the stronge orange flavour, and it’s fun biting into the orange bits in the jelly.  

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Orange Kanten Jelly



 2 tsp                agar agar power

300 ml            water

50 g                   sugar

300 ml            orange juice

 1                        orange, peeled and cubed



1.    Put water in a medium sauce pan and dissolve agar agar powder in. Bring to boil on

        medium heat, stirring well. Simmer for a few minutes on low heat.

2.    Dissolve sugar in. Remove from heat and add orange juice, stir well.

3.    Place orange cube in a flat container or in four glass bowls. Pour orange juice mixture over

        orange pieces. Cool until set.

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