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Mixed Berries Yogurt Pudding

Monday, June 22, 2009




I bought some flavoured yogurt few days ago with baking in mind, but then later realised that i can’t because sis bought quite a lot of baked snacks from her trip back from Malaysia, we would not be able to finish them all.

So the yogurt sat in the fridge until today, until i found out that today is the date due for it’s edibility. Oh dear, what am i going to do with them? Flipping through my stack of recipes, i came across one recipe for pudding that uses yogurt. Hmm, should be good, i thought.

Making some changes in the recipe, i made some yogurt puddings and chill them in the fridge for 1 hour. Yum yum, they are very delicious! I gobble up four in a row.  

Oops! Almost forgot to save some for sis.

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 Mixed Berries Yogurt Pudding




250 g                   mixed berries yogurt

120 ml                milk

40 g                      sugar

1 tbsp                  gelatin

60 ml                   hot water

1 tsp                     strawberry essence



1.    Dissolve gelatin in hot water.

2.    Blend together yogurt, milk, sugar and strawberry essence in a blender.

        Use pulse mode two or three times.

3.    Add dissolved gelatin into blender and pulse three times to mix.

4.    Pour into moulds and chill in fridge for 1 hr.

5.    Remove from moulds and serve.

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