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Dumpling Soup

Thursday, June 18, 2009





Suddenly had the urge to eat dumpling and so decided to cook some. Normally, we treated it as a side dish soup, but it can be eaten on itself too. Just pair it with the (red chilli and soy sauce) dipping sauce and it’s good to go! They can also be cook with noodle too to make dumpling noodle soup.

There a wide varietyof dumpling in Asian cooking, they are different in each of their kind, but still similar in the fundamental method of making them. The ingredients used and cooking methods differ from different regions in Asia too.

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Dumpling Soup



For Dumpling:

20-25                         dumpling skin (wanton skin)

150 g                           minced pork

2 tbsp                         chopped spring onion

2 tbsp                         chopped roasted pork

1 tsp                            chopped ginger

½ tsp                          salt

¼ tsp                          ground white pepper

1 tbsp                          sugar

1 tsp                             sesame oil

For Soup:

400 ml                       water

½ cube                       chicken stock

some                            Choy Sum (Chinese Flowering Cabbage), washed & chopped



1.    Mix all ingredients together and let rest 10 minutes.

2.    Scope a teaspoon full of minced pork and wrap with dumpling skin. Fold into half and

        sealed with some water. Finish wrapping the rest and set aside.

3.    Bring water to boil and add chicken cube. Cook to dissolve.

4.    Add dumpling into soup one by one and cook 5 minutes.

5.    Add vegetables and cook 1 minute. Remove from heat.

6.    Garnish with fried shallots and spring oinon and serve hot.

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