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Green Bean Sago Soup

Thursday, June 4, 2009





The weather has been very hot and humid for the past few days that few of my family members are not feeling well. In Chinese tradditional method, we normally will cook some cooling food to cool down our “heaty” bodies. One of the most popular dish is green bean soup. It’s really a type of dessert that can be eaten hot or cold.

My green bean soup is added with sago pearl for more texture. It is actually tasteless but it added a smooth texture to the soup, making it more delicious. Green bean soup can be made into ice-cream or popsicles too, which can last longer in the freezer. Yum!

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Green Bean Sago Soup


160 g                    green beans

2000 ml             water

60 g                      sago pearls

5                            pandan leaves

150 g                   small unbleached rock sugar



1.    Wash and soak green beans in big bowl for 6 hrs. The height of water level must be

        double the height of green beans.

2.    Place pandan leaves and 2000ml of water in large pan and bring to boil.

3.    Let it boil uncovered for 10 minutes more and add green beans.

4.    Cook green beans uncovered on medium high heat for ½ hr, or until they started to split.

5.    Remove pandan leaves and add sago pearls, pouring it slowly and stirring consistenly

        for even distribution.

6.    Cook on medium high heat for another 10 minutes until the pearls turn transparent. 

        Add rock sugar, stir until dissolve.

7.    Remove from heat and serve hot with coconut cream topping.

        Or cool in room temperature and chill in fridge for 4 hrs or more, serve cold.

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