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Hokkien Mee

Monday, June 1, 2009





It’s been quite a while since i cook hokkien mee, a popular local dish in my country. Hokkien is actually one of the Chinese dialect group in Singapore and mee literally translate to noodle. The name had said itself, it’s a type of noodle dish cooked by the Hokkiens tradditionally. Of course, nowadays,  not just Hokkiens cook it, many other dialect group had it too.

I sort of miss the flavour, so i had sis bought me the necessary ingredients and cook it for lunch sunday afternoon. Yum yum,  it’s delicious and i’m full and happy.
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Hokkien Mee

( serves 4 )


200 g                       yellow noodle

200 g                       thick mee hoon

1 cup                        beansprouts, washed and drained dry

½ cup                      prawns, washed, deshelled with tail intact

½ cup                      squids, washed and cut

½ cup                      lean pork, shredded and marinated

½ cup                      fish cake, shredded

2                                 eggs, beaten

1 cup                         prawn stock

3 tbsp                       fish sauce

2 tbsp                       cooking oil



1.    Deshelled prawn, keeping the tail part intact. Put the prawn head and shell into a saucepan

        filled with 1 cup of water. Boil the mixture for 15 minutes to produce prawn stock.

2.    Strain the mixture and keep the water( prawn stock) and throw away the shells.

3.    Heat cooking oil in wok, add lean pork and stir-fry until turn colour.

4.    Add eggs and stir-fry 1 minute. Add beansprouts and mix.

5.    Add squids, prawn and fish cake  to cook till turn colour.

6.    Add prawn stock, noodle and thick mee hoon, mix thoroughly.

7.    Cook for 5 minutes on high heat and add fish sauce for taste.

8.    Remove from heat, garnish and serve.

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