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Banana Sponge Cake

Wednesday, May 27, 2009





Dad bought some bananas few days ago for our monthly praying. And seeing that they are going to spoil, i decided to bake some snacks out of them.

Hmmm, what should i make? Muffins? Cupcakes? Chiffon? Ah, sponge cake! I’ve baked banana muffins, banana cupcakes, banana chiffon cake, before, but not banana sponge cake yet. Wonder how the texture will be? Banana sponge cake it will be then.

myspace layout codes   They came out beautifully! Light and fluffy with a strong taste of banana in it. I think they are a cross between cupcake and chiffon cake. Not so oily like cupcakes, and not so light like chiffon that they are prone to collapse (because of my sub-standard baking skills 😛 ). It’s also super easy to make the cake as sponge gel is being used for the batter. It’s one of the best friend to an amateur baker.


Banana Sponge Cake



3                        eggs

2                        medium banana puree

70 g                 cake flour

60 g                  sugar

12 g                   sponge gel

½ tsp               banana essence

¼ tsp               salt

½ tsp               baking soda

30 ml               milk

30 ml               corn oil



1.    Mash bananas and sift cake flour.

2.    Put all ingredients, except corn oil and mashed bananas, into the mixing bowl and beat.

3.    Beat until ribbon stage, add mashed bananas and corn oil and beat to combine.

4.    Pour into muffin cups ¾ full.

5.    Bake at 190°C for 16 minutes, or until done.

6.   Remove and cool on rack.

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