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Fried Wantons

Saturday, May 23, 2009




















Yum yum, one of the popular dish in our family, fried wantons. We frequently have wantons on the dinner table, sometimes it’s fried and other times it’s served as soup.

The method for making both is similar except for soup wise, you don’t fry the wantons but drop them into soup that is boiling. Add some vegetables and cook for 2 minutes on high heat, and it’s ready! You can even add noodles to it and turn it into wanton noodle soup.        

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Fried Wantons



160 g              minced pork

1 tbsp             corriander, chopped

1 tbsp             waterchestnut, diced

1 tsp                ginger, chopped

1                       egg yolk

1 tsp                sugar

½ tsp              salt

2 tsp                corn flour

1 pkt                wanton skin

500 ml           cooking oil


Dipping Sauce:

2 tbsp             mayonaise

1 tbsp             thai sweet chili

½ tsp              dry parsley leaves

→ Mix all ingredients together and set aside.



1.    Combine all ingredients together and let rest 15 minutes.

2.    Wrap with wanton skin. Any way you like.

3.    Heat cooking oil to moderate temperature and drop wanton to fry.

       Do not overheat or the wantons will burn.

4.    Deep fry wantons until golden and remove from heat.

       Place fried wantons onto oil absorbent paper towel.

5.    Serve hot with dipping sauce.


**Tips for Deep Frying:

♥  Do not overheat cooking oil as it will burn the outside while the inside is still uncook.

♥  Maintain moderate heat until the last ½ minute, then turn to high heat to force oil out excess oil from the food. Quickly remove food from oil and place onto oil absorbent paper towel.

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