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Fried Fish with Sweet Chili

Friday, May 22, 2009



Cooked this dish for dinner some evening ago, and it’s well received by my family. My family really don’t eat fish much except on the reunion dinner of chinese new year, and that is because we had to have fish on the dinning table. Chinese supertitious, culture and all that. Well, that is another story.

So, back to not eating fish, each of my family member has their own reason for not eating it. My little brother is too lazy to pick out the bones, my sis says the white colour of the fish meat gives her the creeps and finally me. Yes, it’s me, the family chef. I once had fish bone stuck in my throat when i was young. I remember my grandma forcing me to swallow large amount of rice, saying that it will dislock the bone. And that is when i had just finished my dinner. Imagine how bloated i am. cool myspace layouts


Finally, my dad went to buy black vinegar and had me drink one full glass of it. Hallelujah! It worked. I did not know if the bone has dissolved or dislocked and honestly, i didn’t care. As long as it’s not there poking me in my throat, i don’t care where it went. However, the incident left a deep impression on my mind, and it took me many years to start eating whole fish again. And even then, i will scrutinize every bite before puting it into my mouth.

Now i only eat fish that doesn’t comes with bones, like fish fillet, as it’s easier and SAFER. And of course, i also cook fish that doesn’t comes with bones, not if i can help it!



Fried Fish with Sweet Chili



1 tbsp              frozen corn kennels

1 tbsp              frozen peas

100 g               ketchup

50 g                 thai sweet chili

150 ml            water

300 g              fresh fish, cut into cubes of  ½”×½”

1 tbsp             cooking oil


Batter for fish:

100 g                flour

1                         egg

½ tsp                salt

½ tsp                ground black pepper

1 tsp                  baking powder

½ tsp               dry parsley leaves

80 ml               evaporated milk



1.    Mix all ingredients for fish batter and set aside for ½ hr.

2.    Dip fish cubes into batter and deep fry them in moderate hot oil.

       Be very fast as the fish will brown very quickly.

3.    Remove from oil and set aside on oil absorbent paper.

4.    Heat cooking oil and add frozen corn kennels and peas. Stir 1 minute.

5.    Add water and simmer 5 minutes on medium heat.

6.    Add ketchup and sweet chili and stir to mix.

7.    Add fried fish and stir to coat evenly.

8.    Remove from wok and serve.

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