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Dragonfruit Milkshake

Wednesday, May 13, 2009






















My sisters and i went grocery shopping at a big NTUC branch last weekend for our almost monthly restock. The one near our home is so small that they only sell the most basic items. 😦

I saw dragonfruits that is looking good and cheap that bought three. They are said to be very good for health. Days later, i remember them and took them out from the fridge to deskin and cut them. Lo and behold, they are reddish purple in colour! Well, i’m not a mountain tortoise, i know there is the reddish purple version but  have not seen them in front of my ΘΘ before! I usually bought those that is white in colour.

Hmmm, i thought it a waste just to eat it like that. So i put them in an air-tight container and put them back in the fridge, thinking that i may make agar agar jelly with them. They should look good.

Guest what, i forgot about them again! It’s only a week later that i see them peeking out at me from the very back of the fridge. Poor guys, out of sight, out of mind, they said. How true. My little babies has become half frozen, half soggy (my fridge is very cold). With little hope, i decided to make milkshake out of them, not wanting them to sarcrifice for no reason. At least this way, they still do a little contribution to my health. Hehehe.



Dragonfruit Milkshake

(makes two big glasses)


3 nos.                   medium size dragonfruits

300 ml                cold milk

2 tbsp                   icing sugar

some                     ice cubes

dash of                 dry mint leaves (optional)



1.    Cut dragonfruits into half, use hand to peel skin off (like an orange). Cut into cubes.

2.    Drop some ice cubes in the blender and pulse a few times, until ice is crushed.

3.    Add dragonfruits, cold milk and icing sugar and blend together.

4.    Pour into cold glasses, sprinkle with dry mint leaves and serve.

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