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Mizuyokan with Chrysanthemum

Monday, May 4, 2009

























I like to browse the net and came across a photo of a jelly dessert by chance. It look so pretty and elegant that i immediately took a liking to it and start searching the net seriously, wanting to know what it is. It’s called Mizuyokan, a type of (wagashi) japanese dessert that is being eaten in the summer by the japanese. It is similar to the agar-agar jelly we have here and is quite easy to make.

So i decided to make it, with a twist to the recipe, adding another layer of clear chrysanthemum tea with loose petals to it. The end result is so pretty and it taste really nice too!


Mizuyokan with Chrysanthemum

Mizuyokan Layer


1 tsp                agar-agar

150 ml           water

20 g                 brown sugar

170 g              anko ( sweet red bean paste)


Chrysanthemum Layer


1 tsp               agar-agar

150 ml           water

2 tbsp             small chrysanthemum flowers

30 g                 sugar

1-2 tsp           chrysanthemum petals



Chrysanthemum Layer :

1.     Sprinkle some chrysanthemum petals into bottom of moulds  and set aside.

2.     Boil water in pan and remove from heat.

3.     Add 2 tbsp of chrysanthemum flowers in the hot water to steep for 10 minutes.

4.     Strain the tea and discard the flowers.

5.     Mix the chrysanthemum tea with agar-agar and on low heat, stir until agar-agar dissolve.

6.     Simmer for a few minutes and add sugar to it, stirring till dissolve.

7.     Remove from heat and pour into prepared moulds 1/3 full.

8.     Set aside to cool and prepare the mizuyokan layer.

Mizuyokan Layer :

1.     Mix water and agar-agar in pan and heat with low heat until agar-agar dissolve.

2.     Add sugar and stir until dissolve.

3.     Add anko and stir constantly and simmer until thicken.

4.     Remove from heat and cool slightly.

5.     Scratch the top of chrysanthemum layer with a toothpick, and pour anko mixture onto it .

6.     Set aside to continue cooling until it hardens and chill in fridge.

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