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Minced Meat Porridge

Sunday, May 3, 2009























Yum yum, i love porridge. It serves to fill the stomach when the weather is hot and stuffy and appetite is minimal at best. Porridge doesn’t sit in the stomach and is so easy to digest! It will take only two hours before sis starts to mumble about being hungry again. Hehe!

I use rice cooker to cook porrridge, but you can use the conventional method of cooking in a pot over the stove. However, i find it easier to cook porridge in the rice cooker so that i won’t have the trouble of looking after it all the while for fear of it boiling over.

For rice cooker, just tilt the cover a bit while cooking, and the problem will be solved. Furthermore, you don’t have to wonder when the porridge gets done, when the light mode switch to keep, then you’ll know it’s ready.



Minced Meat Porridge

(serves 4)



500 g                      cooked rice

1000 ml                water

100 g                      minced meat (pork/chicken) + 50 ml water

1                               chicken cube

1 tbsp                     light soy sauce

1 tbsp                     sesame oil

1 tbsp                     finely chopped ginger

1                              egg, beaten


fried shallots , chopped corriander and fried silver fish



1.    Put cooked rice , water and chicken cube in the rice cooker to cook.

2.    Once boiled, add light soy sauce,  sesame oil and ginger. Cook uncover for 2 minutes.

3.    Add minced meat mixture gradually, stirring while adding.

4.    Add beaten egg in a thin stream, stirring all the while to prevent egg lumps. 

        Make sure the porridge is still watery, add more water if necessary.

5.    Half cover the rice cooker and cook until the cooker switch to keep mode.

6.    Cover the porridge and let it sit for 15 minutes more.

7.    Before serving, check porridge consistency. Add more water if desire.

8.    Garnish and serve.


 P.S.     My rice cooker is those cheap type, with only two modes.

              So  i don’t know how those high end types behave when cooking

              porridge. I assume they should be easier.

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